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I spent my teenage years writing fan fiction about popular athletes and trying to get my corny poetry stanzas to rhyme. My siblings and I created our own home newspaper and I wrote a story that turned catching butterflies into a criminal activity with FBI agents (my dad) hot in pursuit.

My first exposure to dark storytelling was through graphic novels. Reading horror and fantasy comics was like unfurling a map on the table of my imagination. I didn't even know these places existed before, and now I could travel to all of them and claim each one as my own.

There's enough of my past and present to make home a foreign concept to me. But when I write, when my fingers are slick with blood or my spine is cracking open, when I dream upside down or pick turtle shells off trees, that's when I know I'm where I truly belong.

If you want to stay here awhile there's plenty of room for a friend.

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